Chaugram Zamindari

Chaugram Zamindari Chaugram is a village under Singra upazila of Natore district. It is situated about 8 km north of Singra bazar and on the west side of Natore-Bogra high way. It was the paternal village of Raja Ramkanta of Natore Raj. When Ramjivan, the first zamindar of Natore Raj took Ramkanta as his adopted son, he presented pargana Chaugram of Rajshahi and Islamabad of Rangpur as a gift to Rashik Roy, father of Ramkanta. Thus there originated the zamindari of Chaugram. Krishnakanta Roy, the eldest son of Rashik Roy built his Rajbari or palace at Chaugram and conducted the affairs of his zamindari with competence. Although the zamindars of Chaugram did not receive the title Raja from the government, yet they were addressed Raja. The rayat of Chaugram addressed zamindar Rohinykanta, adopted son of Rudrawkanta as Raja and that is why this family is known as 'Raj family' of Chaugram. He took Ramanykanta as his adopted son. Ramanykanta was a graduate. He took his graduation from Calcutta University. He was a businessman. In collaboration with Brozendraw Kishor Roy Chaudhuri, the zamindar of Gauripur he formed a building construction company named 'Roy and Roy Chaudhuri'. He bought new zamindari of Khalishpur in Nadya district and south Shahajadpur village in the district of Barishal. In his time the total area of Chaugram zamindari was 29,487 acres or 46.07 square miles. Apart from expanding the zamindari he built a residence in Calcutta and bought a farm in the suburb of Calcutta. He also bought another beautiful house in Darjeeling. He was the first Chairman of the Hindustan Life Insurance Company and a Director of the Hindustan Bank. He maintained a good relation with many zamindar families of North Bengal by marrying his son and daughter to those families. He died in 1945 at the age of 80. His son Rajeshkanta Roy and Ramendrakanta Roy were the last zamindar of this family. At present their residence at Chaugram is entirely distroyed. Only the main gateway and a number of broken walls are standing. In the neighborhood of the Rajbari there is a tiny dochala structure which is held in great respect both by the Hindus and the Muslims. [Kazi Mostafizur Rahman]

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