Chhuti Khan

Chhuti Khan ruler of the northern Chittagong the during the reign of Gaur Sultan Alauddin husain shah (1494-1519) and his son Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah (1519-1532). His father Paragal Khan was the Commander of the army of Chittagong and provincial administrator (Sar-i-Laskar) during Hussain Shah rule. His grandfather Rasti Khan was the administrator of Chittagong (Majlish-i-Ala) during the reign of ruknuddin barbak shah (1459-1474). The forefathers of Chhuti Khan resided in Chittagong for generations. They administered Chittagong and were fovourite and trusted commander of army of the Sultan of Gaur. Chhuti Khan was an efficient administrator and brave fighter as his father. Danahmanikya, the then king of Tripura increased strength and attacked Chittagong for two times in 1513 and 1515. Chhuti khan fought, defeated and drove away the Tripurian forces. It appeared that he also occupied the large part of Tripura. Chhuti khan had a good relation with Sultan nusrat shah. Though his father failed to occupy Tripura, Chhuti khan achieved that goal. For this reason Chhuti khan had cordiality at the court of husain shah.

Chhuti Khan was a patron of Bangla language and literature like his father Paragal Khan. At his instruction the poet Shrikar Nandi of the royal court translated parts of the Axavamedha of Sanskrit Mahabharata in to Bangla payara (couplet) and tripadi matra (an arrangement of lines into sets of three) in 1518-1520. So it was known as 'Chhutikhani Mahabharata'. Chhuti khan was not only a good administrator and brave fighter but he had also a great attention in order to perform the religion and to give attention for people's weal and woe. His social welfare works proved him that he thought for the welfare of the people. The Chhuti Khan's Mosque on the western side of Dhaka-Chitagong old high way at village Dewanpur under Paragalpur mauza in Mirsarai of Chittagong and a large dighi (tank) still reminds the people, the memory of Chhuti Khan. Besides this, another old dighi at Kahar Para near Chikdair of Raozan Upazila is known as Chhoto Kha or Chhuti Khan Dighi. According to the opinion of the researcher that Chhuti khan dug this dighi. They think that Chhuti khan stayed here sometimes with the armed forces during the invasion of Tripura. At that time this dighi was dug for the grater interest of the people and the army. [Ahmed Momtaz]