Chhuti Khan’s Mosque

Chhuti Khan's Mosque The ruins of Chhuti Khan's Mosque lie on the eastern bank of a tank popularly known as Chhot Khar Dighi, at village Dewanpur under paragalpur mauza in Mirsarai, Chittagong. Chhuti Khan, son of Paragal Khan, was a laskar (army officer) in Chittagong under Sultan Alauddin husain shah (1494 -1519 AD).

Chhuti Khan was also the patron of Shrikara Nandi, who wrote the mahabharata in Bangla. At present the mosque is in complete ruins. The sandstone architectural fragments, like the arch of the ruined mosque, lie scattered around a new mosque, which was constructed over the ruins. A portion of the ruined western wall, decorated with terracotta ornamental bricks, was visible through bushes and shrubs, even a few years back, with remains of engaged towers at corners. The central mihrab and two side mihrabs were also embellished with terracotta foliage and chain and bell motives.

An examination of the ruins reveals a six-domed Husain Shahi Mosque at the site with three arched entrances parallel to three mihrabs on the western wall. It had three bays and two aisles. [Shamsul Hossain]