Chishti Beheshti’s Tomb

Chishti Beheshti's Tomb is situated on the eastern side of the old High Court of Dhaka and at present is known as the High Court Mazar. The square tomb structure was constructed on a high platform.

Subahdar islam khan chisti died in 1613 and was at first laid to rest at Bagh-i-Badshahi (present Shishu Academy and High Court area). Tradition has it that later on his body was taken to Fathpur Sikri by the order of Emperor jahangir and interned there, and a simple structure was erected on the empty tomb at Dhaka. In course of time the tomb came to be known as 'Chixti Behextkhana' or 'Tomb of Chisti Behesti'.

Nawab Khwaja Ahshanullah and Zamindar Mohini Babu repaired the almost dilapidated mausoleum. Governor house was built at this place after the partition of Bengal in 1905. The tomb gained more importance when the governor house was turned into the High Court during the Pakistani period. Later on, a modern tomb building with a massive dome was erected on the tomb. Devotees now revere it as the tomb of Khwaja Sharfuddin Chisti alias Oli-i-Bangala. [Mohammad Alamgir]