Chittagong Collegiate School

Chittagong Collegiate School established as Chittagong Government School by the British Government in 1836. The school was the first English medium high school in chittagong. Initially, its classes were held in a brick building constructed during the early years of British rule at a place between the southern part of the Parade Ground and the eastern section of the Madrasah Hills, the present location of Mohsin College. A government F A college was established here in 1869. The school was then shifted to a new place at the southern section of the Markot Sahib Hills. Finally, the school was relocated to its present address at Ice Factory Road in 1886, and was given the name of Chittagong Collegiate High School. Mr. Kundu was its first principal.

nabinchandra sen, the poet, was a student of the school. Until the first decade of the twentieth century, the school was popularly known as the Entrance School. Annadacharan Khastgir, a pioneer in promoting English education in Chittagong passed the Entrance examination from this school. Muhammad Yunus, the founder of grameen bank, and popular novelist Humayun Ahmed were also students of this school. The school conducts coaching in morning and evening special shifts. Side by side with general education, it also offers technical education. At present, it has 2,000 students and 55 teachers. It has a hostel for 200 students. The school was given the country's Best School Award in 1992. [Sadat Ullah Khan]