Chittagong Pali College

Chittagong Pali College Buddhist educational institution, established in 1939. Its founder-principal was Aggamahapandit Dharmabangsha Mahathero. Following his death, Pandit Dipabkar Srijnan Mahathero became principal, a position he held until his death. In recognition of his contribution to Buddhist studies, the college was renamed Dipankar Pali College.

Located in the Enayet Bazar area on the Bauddha Mandir Road in chittagong, the college is run privately by a council of governors, which government rules require to be changed every five years. The administrative and academic affairs of the college are managed by the Sanskrit and Pali Education Board. The college does not charge any tuition fee and is financed by a government grant and private donations.

Admission is open to those who have passed at least the SSC or an equivalent examination. The subject of study is the tripitaka in pali. Three-year courses are offered in its three departments: Sutta, Vinaya and Abhidhamma. Successful completion of a three-year course leads to the degree of visharad, equivalent to a three-year honours degree. Graduates of the college can take up postgraduate studies at any general university. The college now has four professors and about 250 students. The principal also serves as secretary to the governing council.

The college possesses a good library, as well as a museum. It has greatly promoted the study of buddhism and Pali language and literature. [Rebatapriya Barua]