Choudhury, Abdul Haq

Choudhury, Abdul Haq (1922-1994) writer of regional history, was born in Raozan, chittagong. Son of Sharfuddin Choudhury, Abdul Haq Chowdhury had been a worker in Rangoon. He got formal education only up to class eight at Raozan High School before he joined the Noajishpur Primary School, founded by his father, as a teacher in 1942. He was inspired by Shatish Chandra Chowdhury, Headmaster of Raozan High School, to collect and study historical relics. Abdul Haq collected many relics of Nuxrat Shah, Isa Khan, Arakan Fort etc from Chittagong, Sylhet, Arakan and Tripura.

Abdul Haq Choudhury wrote eleven books and a large number of articles of historical value. Among his books are Chattagramer Itihas Prasabga (1976), Chattagramer Samaj 0 Sangskrtir Ruprekha (1988), Sylheter Itihas Prasanga (1981), Chattagram-Arakan (1989), Prachin Arakan Rohinga Hindu 0 Barua Bauddha Adibasi (1994), Chattagramer Charitabhidhan etc. He was locally known as Chattaltattvavid (Historian of Chittagong). He was awarded the Natun Chandra Singh Memorial Medal (1984) and the Lekhika Sangha Medal (1987). [Md. Majiruddin Miah]