Department of Livestock Services

Department of Livestock Services (DLS) a government department responsible for providing veterinary coverage, development and extension services to meet protein requirements as well as to create employment opportunities through rearing livestock and poultry, and the marketing and processing of their products. The activities of the department started in 1893 through a Civil Veterinary Department of the British government headed by a Veterinary Adviser to the Government. In the same year the Bengal Veterinary Institute and Veterinary Hospital were also established. The founder was a British Veterinarian JHB Hallen, who introduced the Civil Veterinary Service in India, as well as in Bengal. After the partition of India in 1948, the Department was reorganised as Directorate of Animal Husbandry, East Pakistan. In 1960, it was again reformed and named as the Directorate of Livestock Services. The present set up was established by the Government of East Pakistan, and later on, the Government of Bangladesh. The principal office of the Department of Livestock Services is located at Pasusampad Bhaban, Krishi Khamar Sarak, Farmgate, Dhaka.

The activities of the Department are overseen by a Director General supported by a group of professionals and supporting staff (about 8,426 at present). The department has two veterinary colleges, located in Chittagong and Sylhet, and is planning to establish two more in Barisal and Dinajpur. In addition, in collaboration with bangladesh livestock research institute, bangladesh agricultural university, and other research organisations, the Department is trying to develop and propagate sustainable technologies to accelerate the developments in respect of livestock and poultry. [Kazi Abdul Fattah]

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