Devi, Saratsundari

Devi, Saratsundari (1849-1886) was a zamindar of the puthia raj-family in the district of Rajshahi. Born and brought up in a jotdar family of Rajshahi, she was married to Jogendra Narayana, a scion of the Panchani estate of the Puthia raj at the age of five but lost her husband at thirteen. In 1865, she assumed the responsibility of the Panchani estate and conducted its affairs with skill and reputation. As a patron of learning and benefactor of many public works she was very popular among the raiyats. The government awarded her with the title of Rani in 1874 and of Maharani in 1877. Saratsundari died at Kashi when she was only thirty-seven years old. [Kazi Md Mostafizur Rahman]