Great Egret (Sada Bok)

Egret (bok) name applied to several species of herons of the family Ardeidae, with white plumage, long slender head and neck, and pointed bill.

Long, delicate, and ornamental nuptial plumes, called aigrettes (the term egret has been originated from this word) appear on the back of these birds during the breeding season. These aigrettes are used as ornaments in oriental ceremonial dress and were formerly used in women’s hat. There are eight species of egrets worldwide; Bangladesh has five (table).

Table  Egrets of Bangladesh (Aves, Ciconiiformes: Ardeidae).

Scientific name English name Local name Distribution
Bubulcus ibis Cattle Egret Go-Bok ---
Casmerodius albus [Ardea alba] Great Egret [Large Egret] Jathua/Sada Bok Wide
Egretia garzetta Little Egret Chhoto Bok Wide
Egretta sacra Pacific Reef Egre [Reef Heron] --- Sandy coast in the southeastern region
Mesophoyx intermedia [Egretta intermedia] Intermediate Egret [Smaller Egret] Maijhla Bok/ Korche Bok Wide

NB: Previous names are given in square brackets.

[Md Anwarul Islam]