Fakir Mosque

Fakir Mosque a six domed mosque situated beside the market at Hathazari upazila headquarters, mauza Dewannagar, in Chittagong. On the evidence of a fragmentary Arabic inscription attached to this mosque it is presumed that the mosque was built during the reign of Sultan shamsuddin yusuf shah bin ruknuddin barbak shah (1474-1481AD).

Local tradition relates that the mosque was left abandoned for a long time and remained hidden under the overgrowth of jungle and bushes. A Mughal Fakir (Muslim mendicant) discovered it and brought it under regular use. Thus, the mosque came to be known as fakirer Masjid (Fakir's Mosque). The grave of the Fakir lies beside this mosque.

The oblong mosque measures 14.63m 10.66m externally and 11.65m by 7.54m internally. It has four engaged circular towers at its corners. Symmetrically, the central mihrab is also set within a half-salient engaged tower. All the towers have octagonal projections above the parapet and are capped with cupolas. There are three very low pointed-arch openings through the eastern wall. The prayer chamber is divided into three bays and two aisles. The central mihrab is larger than the two side mihrabs and its alcove is decorated with chain and bell motif. [Shamsul Hossain]