Floating Hospital

Floating Hospital a charity hospital built in a floating ship. Impact Foundation Bangladesh (IFB)- a non government organisation(NGO) registered as a trust on 25th July 1993 introduced this hospital in April 1999 in a ship named 'JIBON TORI' for the first time in Bangladesh to provide medical care to rural population particularly living by the sides of the rivers and nearby.

This hospital consists of one airconditioned Operation Theatre, one 3-bed post- operation care room, 12-separate in patient beds, X-ray machine room, Pathological laboratory, doctors room and a' waiting area in out patient department.

'JIBON TORI' provides general medical treatment and surgery for eye diseases, ear-nose and throat and Orthopaedic deformities. It acts as a mobile hospital during natural disaster. The administration, doctors, nurses, technicians and stuffs work full time in the ship. Lot of Peoples are getting benefits by availing the medical services from this floating hospital (about 250 patients per day). The hospital has until October 2000 treated about 56 thousand patients and carried out over 3 thousand surgical operations. On an average about 250 patients receive treatment daily from this hospital. Large amount of physically disabled people from different parts of the country come to the hospital for treatment. [SM Humayun Kabir]