Fundamental Rules

Fundamental Rules a compendium of rules governing the general conditions of service of the government servants, first issued by the British colonial administration on 1 January 1922. The rules generally had a two-fold distinctions as to their applicability to government servants depending upon the rule-making authority of the Governor General and of the Secretary of State. The rules as adopted by Pakistan were first published on 7 February 1951, and then further revised on 16 November 1964. These were adopted by the Bangladesh government without any substantial amendments.

The rules are basically a compendium of rules, orders and audit instructions governing the general conditions of service, pay, additional pay, combination of appointments, deputation abroad, dismissal, removal, suspension and compulsory retirement. The rules also deal with the general conditions of leave, grant of leave, leave salary, exceptions and special concessions including joining time.

The rules have supplementary rules also. These deal with the medical certificate of fitness on first entry into government service, medical certificate of continued fitness, drawing of compensatory allowances, travelling allowances, records of service, terms of deputation and rent of government residences etc. [AMM Shawkat Ali]