Gaudiya Vyakaran

Gaudiya Vyakaran the first complete Bangla grammar written by a Bengali. It was authored by raja rammohun roy and published by the calcutta school-book society in 1833. The grammar was based on an earlier text that Rammohun had written in English: Bengali Grammar in the English Language. Gaudiya Vyakaran has twelve chapters, with the first chapter touching on sounds, letters, pronunciation, words, syllables etc, with examples. Other chapters deal with gender, inflection, parsing, syntax, prosody etc.

In Gaudiya Vyakaran, Rammohun deviated from traditional grammarians who discussed bangla language on the basis of sanskrit grammar. Instead, Rammohun stated categorically that Bangla grammar does not follow the grammatical system of Sanskrit. He cited pure tadbhava(modified Sanskrit) words and Bangla verbs as examples in grammatical discussions. The language of Gaudiya Vyakaran is lucid and easy, even easier than that of Rammohun's other books. [Begum Akter Kamal]