Gazette was originally a sheet of news and notices. In the seventeenth century, many newspapers appeared in Europe with the term 'gazette' in their titles: for example, Oxford Gazette (1665), Edinburgh Gazette (1690), Dublin Gazette (1705). The first newspaper in India was the bengal gazette (1780-1782). The India Gazette (1784-1864), a government supported newspaper, was a weekly bulletin giving government notifications, shipping intelligence, appointments, arrivals and departures of civilian and military officers. The Calcutta Gazette and Oriental Advertiser appeared in 1791. Its title was subsequently shortened to Calcutta Gazette. The Bengal Gazette began to appear from 1840 as a bilingual weekly (English and Bangla). From 1864 the Government Gazette system was introduced, under which all government officials of certain grades were listed in the India Gazette. Similarly, from 1864, the Calcutta Gazette began to publish notices of appointments and transfers of government officials of certain grades. The Calcutta Gazette also listed names of newly published books and journals, results of public examinations, enactment of laws and regulations, and so on.

The Dacca Gazette began to appear as a government bulletin from August 1947. This gazette should not be confused with another Dacca Gazette which previously had been published as a newspaper in the late nineteenth century (1886-?). The Dacca Gazette was a government bulletin, giving information about orders and notifications by the Government of East Bengal, the High Court and Government Treasury; orders and notifications by the Government of Pakistan; educational notices, advertisements, Acts of East Bengal Legislature and Acts of Pakistan Central Legislature. Besides these classified government notices, the Dacca Gazette also contained a supplement giving information about economic conditions, agricultural conditions, market prices, weekly weather forecasts and other information of public interest. After liberation, the Dacca Gazette assumed a new title the bangladesh gazette. The Bangladesh Gazette is published weekly by the Government of Bangladesh. [Sirajul Islam]