Ghiyasia Madrasa

Ghiyasia Madrasa two madrasas in Arabia, one at Makka and the other at Madina, built by ghiyasuddin azam shah, the sultan of Bengal (792-813AH=1389-1410AD). Both the madrasas came to be known as Ghiyasia Madrasa after the name of their founder. Taqiuddin Fasi, a contemporary Arab historian, was a teacher at the Madrasa at Makka which was built at Bab-i-Ummewani and was meant for students of the four schools of thought, Hanafi, Shafeyi, Maliki and Hanbali. The Madrasa at Madina was built at a place called Husn al-Atiq near the mosque of the Prophet. The sultan sent funds for the purchase of properties out of which these institutions would be maintained. The madrasas were also called Banjaliah Madrasah' (Bangali Madrasah). [Abdul Karim]