Ghosh, Binoy

Ghosh, Binoy (1917-1980) journalist, sociologist, writer, literary critic and researcher, who also wrote under the pseudonym 'Kalpencha', was born on 14 June 1917 in Kolkata. His ancestral home was in jessore. He completed BA from Asutosh College, Kolkata, and MA in Ancient Indian History and Anthropology from calcutta university.

Binoy Ghosh worked in different capacities at subhas chandra bose's Forward (1939-1941), Jugantar (1943-1945), Dainik Basumati (1946-1947) and Arani.

Binoy Ghosh's writings are influenced by Marxist thought. He wrote books on politics as well as on society and culture. His political books include Antarjatik Rajniti (International Politics), Soviet Sabhyata (Soviet Civilisation 2 vols), Fascism and Janayuddha (Fascism and Public War), Soviet Samaj O Sangskrti (Soviet Society and Culture), Madhyabitta Bidroha (Middle-Class Rebellion), etc.

Binoy Ghosh's books on history, society and culture include Pashchimbanger Sangskrti (Culture of West Bengal, 1957), written on the basis of his extensive tours of West Bengal and field surveys, Shilpa Sangskrti O Samaj (Industry, Culture and Society, 1940, Banglar Nabajagrti (Bengal Renaissance, 1948), Vidyasagar O Bengali Samaj (Vidyasagar and Bengali Society, 1957), Bidrohi Derozio (Rebel Derozio, 1961), Sutanuti Samachar (News of Sutanuti, 1962), Banglar Samajik Itihaser Dhara (Trends of Social History of Bengal, 1968), Banglar Bidvat Samaj (Learned Society of Bengal, 1973), Kolkata Shaharer Itibrtta (History of Kolkata Town, 1975), Banglar Lokasangskrti O Samajtattva (Folk Culture and Sociology of Bengal, 1979), Town Kolkatar Kadcha (Chronicle of Kolkata Town, 1961), Samayikpatre Banglar Samajchitra (Social Picture of Bengal in the Journals, 4 vols, 1962-66), Janasabhar Sahitya (Literature of Public Meetings), Kalpenchar Naksa (Portrait of Screech-Owl), Nabababucharita (Biography of the Nouveau Riche), etc.

Binoy Ghosh also wrote a number of short stories, which were compiled in Dustbin, as well as a novel, 304 (304). His play, Laboratory, was staged by the Bharatiya Gananatya Sangha in 1943.

Binoy Ghosh gave the first 'Vidyasagar Lecture' (1957) at Calcutta University. He was also a Rockefeller Research Scholar from 1958 to 1960. He was honoured with the Rabindra Award (1959) for his Pashchimbanger Sangskrti. He died in July 1980. [Manas Majumdar]