Ghosh, Harachandra

Ghosh, Harachandra (1817-1884) was a social worker, playwright, linguist, and the first translator of Shakespearean drama, was born at Babuganj, Hughli in 1817. Harachandra started his career as superintendent in the Excise Department in 1844. He later became Deputy Magistrate of Burdwan District and Chairman of Hughli Municipality, from where he retired in 1872.

Interested in the theatre, Ghosh endeavoured to create a new form of drama by combining oriental dramatic art with western drama. Apart from writing original plays such as Kauravaviyog (1858), he also translated Shakespeare: Bhanumati-Chittavilas (translation of Merchant of Venice, 1853) and Charumukh-Chittahara (translation of Romeo and Juliet, 1864). His Rajatagiri-Nandini (translation of The Silver Hill, 1874) is also noteworthy. Ghosh died on 24 November 1884. [Prodyot Ghosh]