Gorkha one of the six districts in Gandaki Zone in Nepal. Gorkha includes parts of Annapurna Himal and Gorkha Himal. Gorkha has a glorious history: making of modern Nepal, Gorkha Durbar, Gorkha temples, Gorkhalis and many socio-religious myths. Internationally Gorkha is a generic term for those Nepalese who spread out in the world from the beginning of the early twentieth century mainly as professional and mercenary soldiers. Once Bengal Army had a Gorkha Regiment. As members of the Bengal Army they fought valiantly in the First and Second World Wars. The Gorkha mercenaries are well known for their integrity, valour and commitment. As mercenaries they worked with the British army in Hongkong, Brunei, Malaysia and Britain. In winning back Falkland from Argentina, the Gorkha soldiers in the British Army had played a prominent role. In Bengal folk tales a Gorkha appears as a ferocious person capable of doing anything for the sake of his master. [Sirajul Islam]