Haider Jan Shayek, Khwaja

Haider Jan Shayek, Khwaja (19th century) poet of urdu and persian languages, belonging to the dhaka Nawab family. His original name was Fayezuddin; Shayek was his takhallus or pen name. His father, Khwaja Khalilullah, was an influential member of the Nawab family.

Haider Jan could compose verses both languages in Urdu and Persian with equal expertise. He was a disciple of Ghalib, the famous Urdu poet from Delhi, who named him 'Tutiye Bangala' (Parrot of Bengal). His Urdu poetry is compiled in a Divan. hakim habibur rahman compiled the correspondence between Mirza Ghalib and Haider Jan in Inshaye Shayek. [Abu Musa Mohammad Arif Billah]