Haji Muhammad Mohsin College

Haji Muhammad Mohsin College was established in the port city of Chittagong. With the assistance of Mohsin Endowment Fund the Chittagong Madrasah was established in 1874. The Madrash's academic curriculum was changed in 1915 and it was renamed as New Scheme Madrasah in 1918. With the introduction of first year Intermediate class in July 1927, it started functioning in the Portuguese Building as the Islamic Intermediate College. It was renamed as Mohsin College in 1979. Degree course was introduced in the college in 1983.

The total area of the college compound is 31 acres and the compound has eight buildings. There is a big playground on the southern side of the college entrance. The historic Portuguese Building is still there. There are two student hostels. The college has a rich library of 20 thousand books.

There are three sections in Higher Secondary level- Humanities, Science and Commerce. It also offers Graduation programme at honours level in 13 disciplines including Bangla and English.. It was considered as the best college at national level for 2000, 2002 and 2003. Now the total number of students of the college is 3510. [Shamsul Hossain]