Hakim Habibur Rahman Foundation

Hakim Habibur Rahman Foundation was founded in 1994 in memory of hakim habibur rahman (1881-1947), a Dhaka social and political grandee and a renowned Hakimi physician and author. Hakim Habibur Rahman left a rich legacy of the research in the areas of herbal medicine and treatment. The Foundation has been set up in Dhaka in 1994 in appreciation of his contribution to learning and herbal medical research and treatment. It is managed by a Trustee Board comprising a chairman, a secretary and ten members. The original fund for the foundation came mainly from Hakim Habibur Rahman's successors and admirers.

The objectives of the foundation are: research in Herbal and Unani systems of medicines; establishment of charitable institutions on medicine, science, religion and modern knowledge; award of medals of merit; exchange of knowledge in Herbal and Unani medicines; organisation of seminars and symposiums, and promotion of the social and intellectual ideals of Hakim Habibur Rahman. [Rafia Akter Chowdhury]