Harrington, John Herbert

Harrington, John Herbert (1764-1827) civilian of the east india company, orientalist and jurist. John Herbert Harrington held a subordinate position in revenue administration in 1780, but soon he surpassed many of his contemporaries by virtue of his initiative, merit and achievements. He developed an interest in the legal affairs of the company government. While in service he also studied oriental civilization. As an orientalist he was particularly interested in the legal aspect of Indian civilization. His Analysis of the Laws and Regulations of the Fort William Government in Bengal, 3 vols (1805-17) was used as a standard reference work by administrators and lawyers throughout the nineteenth century. Harrington introduced the Persian poet Sadi to the literati of the west by compiling and editing the Persian and Arabic Works of Sadi (1816).

John Herbert Harrington served as a puisne judge of the Sadr Diwani and Nizamat Adalat (1801), Chief Judge (1811), and member of the Governor General's Council and President of the board of trade (1822-23). He also served at fort william college as a Professor of Law and as its President. He retired from his Indian career in 1827 and died in London in the same year. [Sirajul Islam]