Hasan, Mahmud

Mahmud Hasan

Hasan, Mahmud (1897-?) educationist. Born on 2 March 1897, Mahmud Hasan obtained his BA (Hons) degree in English from Calcutta Presidency College in 1918, MA in English in 1920 and BL degree from the Calcutta University. Mahmud Hasan got MA degree in English from the Oxford University in 1926. He obtained PhD from the same university and completed Bar-at-law from London University.

Mahmud Hasan started his career as a Lecturer in English in Cotton College at Gauhati in 1921, and in the same year he was appointed as Lecturer in English in the Dhaka University. He was promoted to the post of Reader in 1926. Mahmud Hasan was the acting head of the Department of English in 1927-28, and was the head of the department from 1929 to 1936. He was the Provost of Salimullah Muslim Hall in 1928. Mahmud Hasan was promoted to the post of Professor in September 1936. For sometime he was the chairman of the Dhaka Education Board (1942).Mahmud Hasan was the Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University from 1 July 1942 to 21 October 1948. Later, he was the Educational Adviser to the Government of Pakistan (1948), Chairman of the East Pakistan Public Service Commission. He served as Minister in High Commission of Pakistan in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

During his service in the Dhaka University Mahmud Hasan was a member of the Academic Council of the University, member of the Executive Council, and an elected member of the Dhaka University Court. He participated in the Oriental Conference at Lahore in November 1928, and in the annual meeting of the Inter-University Board held at Waltair in 1939. He authored a book titled The Life and Works of Nathaniel Lee (1925). [Muazzam Hussain Khan]