Islam Pracharak

Islam Pracharak a monthly magazine, first published in Bhadra 1298 (September 1891) from Kolkata under the editorship of muhammad reazuddin ahmad. The policy of the magazine, as announced in its epigraph, was to promote Islamic principles relating to religion, society, history and literature.

Islam Pracharak published news, articles, poems, and stories to promote religious feelings, remove religious superstitions, and improve the traditional values of the Muslim community in Bengal. The writers also supported and inspired the rising sense of nationalism among Muslims. Islam Pracharak played an important role in translating the quran, tafsir and other religious books into Bangla.

The magazine was discontinued after two years. However, in Shravan 1306 (August 1899), the magazine restarted publication and continued for another nine years, up to Baishakh 1307 (April 1900). [Wakil Ahmed]