Ismail Ghazi’s Tomb

Ismail Ghazi's Tomb stands at Kantaduar (locally known as Kataduar) under Pirganj upazila of Rangpur district. It lies at a distance of about 8 kilometres to the southwest of the upazila headquarters.

The tomb, a thoroughly renovated building, is almost cubical in shape and built on the top of an ancient 5/6 metres high mound. It is now a chauchala tin-shade structure. It measures 6m and 5.90m externally. The walls are not too high. A door enters the tomb on its south facade. Tradition has it that the old structure was built of small carved bricks in the style of the tomb of Fath Khan near kadam rasul at gaur.

risalat-us-shuhada relates the story of Ismail Ghazi's execution at the order of barbak shah early in January 1474. Bhandsi Roy, the commandant of the frontier fort of Ghoraghat on the Karatoya, a few miles southwest of Kantaduar, by malicious reports had instigated the sultan to order his execution. He was buried here.

According to rakhaldas bandyopadhyay (1885-1930), the tomb had an inscription in which the name of Alauddin husain shah (1494-1519) could be read clearly. This inscription is now missing. [Sultan Ahmad]