Itihas Academy

Itihas Academy an organisation of the historians and researchers in History. In 2001 it started its informal journey from the then Jagannath University College and got itself registered in 2005. The organisation's main objective is to provide a new direction for scientific, academic study and research in history for the senior and young teachers, inquisitive students and researchers.

Although Itihas Academy was founded in 2001, it began its activities as a registered organisation from 2005. Since then the organisation has been creating a good environment for historians and helping new researchers to carry out fresh research activities. The Academy each year also organizes international seminars on history and history related issues for facilitating research for the historian inside and outside the country. In addition to organizing seminars and conferences, the Academy has been arranging workshops on research methodologies and playing important role in publishing valuable books related to history and heritage.

The first journal of Itihas Academy was published in 2003 titled' Itihas : Somokalin Oitihasikder Kolome. Later from 2009 a journal titled' Itihas Prabandhamala has been regularly published at the initiative of the Academy. In addition, some important books have been published by the Academy. Mentionable among them are Dharmiya Samprodaikoter Rajnaitic Orthonaitic Utsa, Somapura Mahaviharer Pora Matir foloke Jiba Boichitra and The Early History of South East Bengal.

Academy gives priority on research relating to ancient history and heritage, Architecture, Archeology and Arts, Feminism, women's movement, Science, Education, Literature, Philosophy, History, Religion and Politics, and Culture.

The activities of the Academy is conducted by an executive committee. The executive committee consists of a chairman, a director, five co-chairman, a secretary, an assistant secretary, a treasurer, and fifteen members. Persons interested in history and having post graduation degree can be a member of the Academy.

The office of the Itihas Academy is located at Dhaka. [Fazilatun Nessa]