Jagadish Tarkalankar

Jagadish Tarkalankar Nyaya philosopher and sanskrit scholar from Navadwip in the 16th century. Jagadish Tarkalankar's ancestors were originally from sylhet. His father, Jadavchandra Vidyavagish, was a nyaya scholar at Navadwip and his great-grandfather, Sanatan Mishra, was the father-in-law of Sri chaitanya. Jagadish was taught nyaya scriptures at Bhavananda's chatuspathi (religious school), where he became well-versed in nyaya philosophy and was awarded the title of 'Tarklankar'.

Jagadish Tarkalankar was a college teacher. Mayukh, Jagadish's annotation of raghunath shiromani's Tattvachintamanididhiti is a four volume discourse: Pratyaksamayukh, Anumanmayukh, Upamanmukh and Shabdamayukh. He also wrote Anumandidhititika, Pratyaksadidhititika and Lilavatididhititika, annotations on Shiromani's didhiti.

Jagadish's Shabdashaktiprakashika was once taught as a textbook at all chatuspathi in Bengal. Two of his other books are Tarkamrta and Nyayadarshan. He was awarded the title of 'Jagadguru' for his scholarship. [Kanailal Ray]