Jaganmohini an esoteric sect founded in the 16th century by Jagomohan, a disciple of Murari, a follower of Ramananda who preached vaisnavism along with Ramanuja. Jagomohan did not believe in idol or image worship. He, however, considered krishna an incarnation of vishnu and worshipped him. The members of the Jaganmohini sect lived in Sylhet and Dhaka, where they had a number of monasteries. Many of the Jaganmohini migrated to India and settled in west bengal after partition.

Sri ramakrishna, a follower of the sect who was born in 1576 AD, converted a number of pirates and fishermen to the cult. The sect preached humanism and believed that everybody was equal, irrespective of caste and creed. Ramakrishna's followers used to sing a song known as nirvana sabgit. Kabir Das and Lobani Das were two exponents of nirvana sangit. [Anwarul Karim]