Jai Bangla, The

Jai Bangla, The Bangla weekly organ of bangladesh awami league published from mujibnagar during the War of Liberation in 1971. It was virtually the publicity organ of the Bangladesh Government in exile at Mujibnagar aimed at highlighting the progress of the War, success and achievements of the freedom fighters, creating world opinion in favour of the liberation of Bangladesh thereby enlisting international support in favour of the cause.

The Jai Bangla was sponsored by the Department of Publication, Information, Radio and Cinema of the Bangladesh Government in exile. Abdul Mannan MNA in charge of the department was vested with the responsibility of overall management and publication of the paper. He was the chairman of the Board of Editors with Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury, Ibn Gholam Samad, Mahbubullah Chowdhury, Abdur Razzaque Chowdhury, Md. Salimullah, Asad Chowdhury, Abul Manzur, Mohammad Khaled, Anu Islam as members of the Board. Md. Zillur Rahman MP was an adviser to the Board of Editors. A number of Bangali industrialists in West Bengal gave financial support to the publication of the paper. The owners of Ananda Bazar Patrika of Kolkata supplied news print paper for the Jai Bangla.

The weekly Jai Bangla was first published on 11 May 1971 (27 Baisakh 1378) from its office at 21/1 Balu Hakkak Lane of Park Circus in Kolkata, and printed at Mujibnagar Jai Bangla Press located near Sialdaha Railway Station. The paper was published on behalf of Bangladesh Awami League by Abdul Mannan, chairman of the Board of Editors, with pseudonym 'Ahmad Rafique'. Mahbubullah Chowdhury was the acting editor with pseudonym 'Matin Ahmad Chowdhury'. But from the twentieth issue (24 September 1971) of the paper, the pseudonym 'Ahmad Rafique' was replaced by the name of Abdul Mannan as the publisher. The name of acting editor (pseudonym Matin Ahmad Chowdhury) was totally dropped from this issue and in subsequent issues.

The Jai Bangla, a two column-page paper with an area of 17 ' 10' per column, consisted initially of 8 pages, and from its 12th issue the volume was extended to 12 pages excepting stray interruptions. The price of the paper was initially fixed at 20 paisa, and from the 3rd issue it was elevated to 25 paisa. The title head of the paper was designed by Kamrul Hasan. The paper continued to be published till 24 December 1971.

The proclamation of independence of the People's Republic of Bangladesh was published in the first issue of the Jai Bangla. Despite the news on progress in the War of Liberation and on the condition of the refugees the paper had some regular columns such as Ranangana, Visva Janamat, Bumarang, Shilpa Sanskriti etc. Besides, there were some serials such as Ekti Yuddha: Bahu Itihasa, Lakho Shahider Lasher Talai Pakistanke Kabar Diyechhe Kara, Amra na Tomra by Tajuddin Ahmed, Hushiar! Yahya-Tikka Hushiar, Awami Leaguer Manifestore Kayekti Dik etc.

Of the editorial and administrative personnels of the Jai Bangla mention may be made of Abdur Razzaque Chowdhury (Assistant editor, News), Asad Chowdhury (Assistant editor, Feature), Ranajit Niogi (Assistant editor, News), news writers like Dr. Ibn Gholam Samad, Abdul Manzoor, Gholam Sarwar, Rabindra Gope, Anu Islam (Nazrul Islam), Abdul Latif Siddiqi, feature writer Saziul Hoque, publication assistant MA Mohaimin, photographer Rabiul Alam, chief accountant Ajit Kumar Datta, accountant Partha Ghosh, publicity in charge Sarwar Jahan, and peon Rakhal Chandra. [Muazzam Hussain Khan]