Jaunpuri, Abdul Batin

Jaunpuri, Abdul Batin (1900-1973) Islamic scholar and writer. Son of Maulana abdul awal jaunpuri and Fakhira Bibi and the grandson of Mawulana karamat ali jaunpuri, he was born in the Mollatola locality of Jaunpur, north India in 1900. He had his primary education at Jaunpur and then pursued higher courses in Islamic studies at several madrasahs in different parts of India. On completion of his studies he accompanied his father to Bengal and devoted his life in the preaching of islam and social and religious reforms. He continued this practice to the last day of his life.

He authored several books, some of which provide valuable information of the activities and contributions of the Jaunpuri religious scholars in Bangladesh. Maulana Abdul Batin Jaunpuri died in Dhaka in 1973. His grave and mazar is in Gabtali Mazar Road in Dhaka. [M Afaz Uddin]