Jaunpuri, Hafiz Ahmad

Jaunpuri, Hafiz Ahmad (1834-1899) orator and social worker. Son of Maulana karamat ali jaunpuri, Hafiz Ahmad was born in Calcutta in 1834. His original name was Ahmad. The word 'Hafiz' was affixed to his name on his memorising the quran at an early age. He attained deep spiritual knowledge and was accorded spirited reception at Hijaj during his hajj pilgrimage in 1882. He was highly acclaimed as an orator there.

Ahmad took part in various social service activities. He established several madrasahs and an idgah at Doulatkhan in Bhola. It goes that his kalo jira (black cumin) treatment would cure many diseases. He died on 26 February 1899 and lies buried on the southern side of the Chawkbazar Shahi Jami Mosque, Dhaka. [M Afaz Uddin]