Kabi Nazrul Government College

Kabi Nazrul Government College was originally founded as Mohsinia Madrasah in 1874 in Dhaka with the financial support of the haji muhammad mohsin fund. The Madrasah was established following the model of calcutta madrasa. Later on, it came to be known as dhaka madrasah. It was the first government sponsored educational institute for the muslims of East Bengal. Noted scholar and philologist Baharul Ulum Mawlana obaidullah al-obaidy suhrawardy became the first superintendent of the Madrasah. The fund for running the Madrasah came from the Haji Muhammad Mohsin Fund until 1915, when it was upgraded as a high Madrasah. In 1916, the Dhaka Government Muslim High School started its journey with the Department of Anglo-Persian separated from the Madrasah. In 1923, the Madrasah was turned into the Islamic Intermediate College. It was renamed as the Government Islamia College in 1968.

The College was upgraded as a degree college giving again a new name-Kabi Nazrul Government College in 1972. Co-education was introduced in the college in 1978 and Degree level courses in Arts, Science and Commerce were introduced in the following year. The first honours course in Islamic Studies was introduced here in 1985. Later in 1993, Masters courses (Part I) in Arabic, Islamic Studies and Management were introduced and consequently it came under the jurisdiction of the national university. In 1997, Honours and Masters (Part I) courses were introduced in Accounting, Management and English. In 2004, honours courses in 12 disciplines including Bangla, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, History, Islamic History and Culture, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Rotary and Geography were introduced here. Post-Graduation course (Part I) in Bangla was introduced in 2006. At present, the college conducts Honours course in 17 subjects, Masters course (Part I) in 5 disciplines and Masters final course in 4 disciplines. The college library is enriched with a collection of 30,000 books.

The college campus is located at Mohinimohon Das Lane, farashganj. The number of students, which was only 169 in 1874, has grown up now to over 14 thousand. The number of teachers is 103 and it has a student hostel named after Shamsul Alam, a student sacrificed himself in the war of liberation in 1971. The activities of bncc contingent and Rover Scout were introduced in this college in 1982. [Syeda Salina Begum]