Kamrunnessa Govt Girls High School

Kamrunnessa Govt Girls High School a government school located at Tikatuly in Dhaka. The School branch of Eden College was separated in 1924 and was re-named Kamrunnessa High School after the name of Mrs Kamrunnessa, mother of Nawabzadi Akhtar Banu of Dhaka nawab family. She and her other two sisters extended financial help to run the school. Including the girls hostel, the school possessed 2.40 acres of land for its buildings and campus. At the beginning, the school had 51 teachers and 530 students. After the partition of bengal in 1947, khwaja nazimuddin, the then Chief Minister of East Bengal took over the school as a Government Girls High School. Afterwards, the School shifted to its present location at 25 Abhoy Das lane, Tikatuly having a girls hostel and a two-storyed academic building.

Kamrunnessa Government Girls High School at Tikatuly has got a good number of students and its result in the SSC examination is all though satisfactory. [Delwar Hassan]