Khalequzzaman, Chowdhury

Khalequzzaman, Chowdhury lawyer, politician, Governor of East Bengal. Chowdhury Khalequzzaman was born on 25 September 1889 at Lucknow. While a student, Khalequzzaman joined politics and went to Turkey with the medical team headed by Dr. Ansari during the Balkan War. After returning from Turkey, he completed his education in the Aligarh Mohamedan Anglo Oriental College. He then started practicing law in Lucknow. He suffered two years imprisonment for participating in the Khilafat and non-cooperation movement.

Khalequzzman was elected chairman of the Municipal Board of Lucknow first in 1923 and then in 1926 and 1935. He was a member of the Congress Parliamentary Board. He joined the Muslim League in 1936. He was elected a member of the Assembly in 1937 and was elected leader of the Muslim League in the United Province which office he held till 1947. 1947. He was also a member of the working committee of the All India Muslim League. As a representative of the Muslim League high command, he played a vital role in the cripps mission and Simla Conference. After the partition of India in 1947 he opted for Pakistan and was elected convener of the Pakistan Muslim League. He was elected president of the party, and resigned from the party portfolio in the middle of 1950.

Chowdhury Khalequzzaman was appointed Governor of East Bengal on 4 April 1953 and continued in the office till 30 May 1954. [Abu Jafar]