Khan, Deen Mohammad

Khan, Deen Mohammad (1900-1974) Scholar and interpreter of Urdu language. He was born in Dhaka in January 1900. He studied at Deoband Madrasa for five years between 1915 and 1920. During the period, he studied various subjects like Fikah, Hadith, Tafsir, etc. He taught at Hammadia Madrasa of Dhaka for sometime during 1921. Later, he went to Burma for preaching religion. He started interpreting the Quran at a large mosque of Rangoon. He returned to Dhaka in 1940.

He taught in Dhaka University during 1946 and later at Alia Madrasa for three years. He was the teacher of Hadith Tafsir at Lalbag Madrasa of Dhaka, its founder member and adviser in 1950. He used to interpret the Quran in Urdu language after Esha prayers at Chakbazar Shahi mosque. His fame spread within a short time. The popularity of his Tafsir in Urdu language increased rapidly among the inhabitants of Dhaka. He also had good command over the Arabic language. He caused much stir by writing Tafsir-e Sura Yusuf in Bengali. His book of prayers in Urdu language titled Mushkil Asan was published while he was in Rangoon. His book Quran-erSundartama Kahini based on Sura Yusuf was published in 1952. His Tafsirs, whichwere broadcast in the programme 'Quran-e Hakim and our life,'; became very popular. He died on 2 December 1974. [Rafiqul Islam Rafiq]