Khan, Fyaz Hussain

Fyaz Hussain Khan

Khan, Fyaz Hussain (1924-1991) geologist. Popularly known as FH Khan, was born in Kolkata on 10 February 1924. He had his school education in Calcutta Madrasa and college education in the Presidency College. He completed his Masters in Geology from the same college.

FH Khan began his career as a Geologist in the geological survey of india in 1946 for a short period before starting for England on a State Scholarship in 1947. He was awarded PhD in Structural and Field Geology by the University of London in 1949. His thesis comprised of a brilliant piece of research work on the Old Red Sandstone Formation of County Kerry of Ireland. He joined the Geological Survey of Pakistan as a Senior Geologist in 1950.

Most of the work of FH Khan is related to Bangladesh. He had pioneering contributions starting from basic geological mapping in the eastern part of the Bengal Province (Bangladesh part) to discover most of the mineral resources known today, their evaluation, and preparation of development plan for their exploitation which remained unattended during British regime.

To successfully accomplish these diverse tasks, he worked from his base in the Geological Survey Organisation, on deputation as Senior Executive in the East Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation and after liberation as the Chairman of the Bangladesh Mineral Exploration and Development Corporation and Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh, Minerals Division. For several years, he was a part time teacher in the Geology Department of Dhaka University. FH Khan was a man of deep convictions and strong principles. He went on voluntary retirement in early 1975 as he believed that he was not able to make the Government do justice to the mineral sector in its economic development programme of the country. Dr Khan was the President of the bangladesh geological society from 1976 to 1977 where he contributed enormously by working for the common interest of the geological community. He was also a Fellow of the Geological Society, London.

FH Khan published numerous reports, articles and books on geology and mineral resources of Bangladesh including Geology of Bangladesh. It is an outstanding book covering all aspects of geology and mineral resources including groundwater resources of the country.

Fyaz Hussain Khan passed away on 3 September 1991. [Sifatul Quader Chowdhury]