Khan, Ustad Jamiruddin

Jamiruddin Khan

Khan, Ustad Jamiruddin (?-1932) thungri singer, son of Moshid Khan Ambalawale, a famous dhrupad artist. Towards the close of the 19th century, Moshid Khan, who was originally from Ambala, settled in Kolkata, where Jamiruddin was born.

Jamiruddin got his first music lessons from his father, and soon he became famous as a Dhrupad singer. After his father’s death, Jamiruddin took lessons in kheyal from Kalifa Khan Badal, and in thungri from Gaoharjan, a professional dancing-girl and singer. Afterwards, he gained further training in thumri from Maizuddin, a famous thumri singer, from whom he also learned to sing dadra. He continued Maizuddin’s tradition after the latter’s death and became known as ‘the king of thumri’.

Jamiruddin was associated with the Gramophone Company as chief instructor. He played an important role in the development of Bangla songs. Among his disciples kader jameri, his nephew, deserves special mention. [Mobarak Hossain Khan]