Khan Muhammad Ali Khan

Khan Muhammad Ali Khan naib nazim of Dhaka. His tenure of office is not clearly known. He is for the first time referred to in a parwana of murshid quli khan issued to him in July 1717. In the parwana the nawab ordered him to refrain from harassing the English in their activities in his jurisdiction. Murshid Quli Khan was raised to the subahdarship of Bengal either late in 1716 or early 1717. It is clear that Khan Muhammad Ali Khan became the naib nazim of dhaka after Murshid Quli Khan';s assumption of office as subahdar of Bengal. Murshid Quli Khan did not neglect the administration of the eastern part of his subah even after the transfer of its revenue and the administrative capital to murshidabad. So he appointed a naib nazim at Dhaka. Khan Muhammad Ali Khan was the first incumbent to that office.

The next reference of a naib nazim is found in 1723 when Hisham Khan, a relative of Murshid Quli Khan, held the post of naib nazim of Dhaka. It is not known when Hisham Khan had got the post as well. It is probable that Hisham Khan succeeded Khan Muhammad Ali Khan. [KM Karim]