Khelaghar a children organisation, was founded on 02 May, 1952 with the publication of a literary page of the same title for children in the Daily Sambad. Poet Habibur Rahman, known as Bhaiya (elder brother) was the key person behind the organisation. Centering the Bangshal office of Daily Sambad, many units of Khelaghar were emerged and organised with the active participation of new young writers. The mission of Khelaghar was to rear up the children as secular, science oriented and responsible citizens. Khelaghar works for upbringing of healthy body and mind of children through studying literature, culture, science and technology as well as creative works. Khelaghar's activities are also designed to help its young members to acquire the scientific attitude and knowledge to grow and develop a strong passion for the mother tongue and the motherland as well as the deep sense of friendship, unity and mutual co-operation among themselves. The organisational activities of Khelaghar are planned on the basis of the principle of solidarity with all peace and freedom loving people of the globe.

The first branch of Khelaghar named Amader Khelaghar was founded under the leadership of Deen Mohammad Nabi at Jail Road in old Dhaka. Later on 22 July 1956, a committee was constituted for managing the activities of Khelaghar centrally in a meeting at Sambad office. Journalist Syed Nooruddin and young writer Al Kamal Abdul Wahab were elected the president and the general secretary of the central Khelaghar respectively. The second central committee was constituted in 1957, when Mohammad Shafiullah and Al Kamal Abdul Wahab were elected as president and General Secretary respectively.

The most focussed area of activities of Khelaghar during 1952-1960 was the study of literature. When Bazlur Rahman took over the responsibility of Bhaiya in 1964, Khelaghar turned into a society based children organisation. Two major factors, the Bangalee Nationalism and the issue of Exploitation free Society were emerged as basic spirit of Khelaghar. Members of Khelaghar took part in the war of liberation. After the independence, Khelaghar inspired its members to serve Bangladesh under the leadership of its president Bazlur Rahman and General Secretary Ziauddin Ahmed. The first national conference of Khelaghar was held in 1973, when issues like child rights and science movement were initiated. After the 1979 national conference, a large number of Khelaghar branches were constituted in various places of the country including the district headquarters. National conference of Khelaghar was held later in 1982, 1986 and 1992. Khelaghar movement got a momentum under the dynamic leadership of Dr Ali Asgar and Abdul Aziz when they took over its charge in 1992 after being elected as its president and general secretary respectively. National conferences of Khelaghar were also held in 2002, 2005 and 2009.

At present, there are over five hundred units of Khelaghar all over the country. The central committee looks after the policy matters, while the district committees conduct organisational activities, Professor Mahfuza Khanam and Dr Salim Choudhury took over the leadership of the central committee of Khelaghar as the chairperson and the general secretary respectively in 2009 during the national conference. [Mahfuza Khanam]