Khulna University of Engineering and Technology

Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) a public university' situated at Fulbari beside the Khulna-Jessore-Dhaka highway on 101 acres of land. It was initially known as Khulna Engineering College. Later the college was transformed into an autonomous organisation in 1986 with the name Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT). In 2003, it was upgraded as the Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET).

Khulna University of Engineering and Technology

There are 3 faculties and 4 departments in the KUET including Civil Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Humanities, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Energy Technology and Leather Engineering. The students are selected through a competitive admission test and in accordance with the merit list.

The departments offer BSc and MSc degree in Engineering. The students are also enrolled in MPhil, PhD degree as well as various research works. A Committee for Advanced Studies and Research (CASR) looks after overall research work of the university. The students are awarded scholarship for higher studies on the basis of their result. On this issue the University signed an agreement with the University of Saga and Fukui University of Japan under which a number of students and teachers get the opportunity to obtain higher education abroad every year. In cooperation with the Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT) the University arranges for short-term course, diploma, research and training courses. A half-yearly journal titled KUET Bulletin is published regularly from the university.

The Vice Chancellor with the help of a 14-member syndicate administers the functions of the university. Besides, there are Academic Council, the Monetary Committee, Research Committee and Planning and Development Committee to run the administration of KUET.

There is a student Welfare Centre for ensuring facilities to the students. Under the supervision of a Director, the Centre deals with coeducation activities, physical education, administrative functions of the residential halls, distribution of hall accommodation to the students, to develop students suitable for jobs, and liaison work among the alumni associations of different departments.

At present the number of students in University is 3111, teachers 202 and officers and employees 253. There are 6 students' residential halls in the university including one for females. These are Amar Ekushey Hall, Dr MA Rashid Hall, Fazlul Huq Hall, Khan Jahan Ali Hall, Lalon Shah Hall and Begum Rokeya Hall. The Central Library is enriched with 39,664 books and 20 audio-visual appliances. In addition, there is an auditorium, student-teacher center, cafeteria, mosque and playground. [Md. Ashik Iqbal]