Shankho Chil, Haliastur indus


Bhuban Chil, Milvus milvus

Kite1 (chil) diurnal birds of prey of the family Accipitridae (order Ciconiiformes).Though varying in size, most species have in common a light structure, weak feet, narrow wings, and a rather long, notched or forked tail. Kites are scavengers (carrion feeder) as well as hunters, prey chiefly on insects, amphibians, and reptiles; Brhaminy Kite, found near water and marshes, also feed on fish.

The Black Kite eats many different foods but, with its taste for carrion, excreta, and other refuse, can mass in hundreds. These birds have suffered from pesticide contamination, habitat loss, and persecution. There are only about 20 species of kites worldwide. In Bangladesh there are three species.

Black-shouldered kite [Black-winged Kite], Elanus caeruleus, Chil: small dainty grey and white hawk. Crown, nape, back, rump, and upper tail-coverts pale ashy grey; rest of head and neck, underparts, and tail pure white. A black line from lores to behind the blood-red eyes, and black patches on wing shoulders conspicuous at rest and also in flight. Tips of closed wings are black, extend beyond short square tail. Sexes alike.

Brahminy Kite, Haliastur indus, Shankho Chil/ Lal Chil: rusty red or deep chestnut hawk with white head, neck, upper back, and breast, and brown abdomen. Under aspect of wings in overhead flight greyish with a cinnamon tinge; black at tips. Sexes alike.

Black Kite [Pariah Kite], Milvus migrans , Bhuban Chil: large dark fulvous-brown hawk distinguishable from all similar birds of prey by its deeply forked tail, particularly conspicuous in flight. Sexes alike. [Md Anwarul Islam]