Mainamati’s Palace Mound

Mainamati's Palace Mound the largest and highest mound in the northern extremity of the ridge near Mainamati village, just east of Brahmanbaria road. The Gumti River, identified with the ancient river Ksiroda, has now shifted a few hundred yards to the east, but once flowed along its eastern edge, partly washing its northern and southern foot as well. Its old silted up bed is still very clearly traceable.

Mainamati Palace Mound

The site has been traditionally associated with the legendary Chandra Queen, Mainamati, mother of the last known Chandra King, govindachandra, and is popularly regarded to have been the last seat of that dynasty.

Limited excavations here for a season or two have uncovered part of a massive defense wall round different parts of the site, probably a citadel, and the corner of a substantial structure, probably a palace at the centre of the site. Scholars widely regard it as the centre of devaparvata, the capital of samatata. [M Harunur Rashid]