Mathuranath Tarkavagish

Mathuranath Tarkavagish (c 1550) scholar of navya nyaya (new logic), was born at Navadwip, son of Sriram Tarkalankar, also a famous logician. Mathuranath studied logic under Rambhadra Sarvabhauma. jagadish tarkalankar, a renowned logician of the time, was his classmate and Harihar Tarkalankar, another renowned logician, was his pupil.

Mathuranath's commentaries on new logic expanded the study of logic in Bengal. By virtue of his extraordinary wisdom and writing skill he won a distinguished place in learned society. Mathuri, his commentary on Chintamani, was very famous and regarded as an essential text for the study of logic. It is held in high esteem all over India. He also wrote commentaries and explanatory notes on a number of books by raghunath shiromani, Udayan and Bardhamanopadhyay, among them Anumanadidhitimathuri, Gunadidhitimathuri, Dravyakiranavalitika, Dravyaprakashatika, and Gunaprakashavivrti. One of his original books was named Siddhantarahasya. [Satyanarayan Chakraborty]