Mohammedan Association of the Anjuman-i-Islamia, Dinajpur

Mohammedan Association of the Anjuman-i-Islamia, Dinajpur was established to accumulate constitutionally the educational and religious rights of the Muslims in Dinajpur district. The president and vice president of the association were Moulavi Ekinuddin Ahmed and Syed Akbar Ali respectively. Moulavi Chowdhury Mohammad Isa was the secretary and Moulavi Hasan Ali Ahmed was the assistant secretary of the Association. The aims and objectives of the association were (a) to ensure appointment of the Muslims in government jobs at a higher rate; (b) to enhance the muslim education in Dinajpur; (c) to establish of more maktabs, madrasahs, ME Schools and Hostels for Muslim students; and (d) to develop religious and social status of the Muslims. Following the movement of the association, the Muslim Students Education Boarding was built in 1910 for mitigating the residential problem of the Muslim students of Dinajpur Zila School. Later, it was opened up for other Muslim students of the town. The boarding house was later used for accommodating the Intermediate section of the present Dinajpur Government College located near Dinajpur Municipal High School. During the Partition of Bengal in 1905, the Mohammedan Association led by Maulavi Ekinuddin was renamed as Dinajpur Muslim Sabha and the organisation directly participated in the partition movement. The Dinajpur Muslim Sabha took part along with other parties in the khilafat and non-cooperation movement of 1921-1922. [Muhammad Moniruzzaman]