Munir Ghun

Munir Ghun is one of the re-entrant angles of the eastern fortification wall of mahasthangarh, near Shiladevir Ghat on the Karatoya, probably forming one of the bastions of the citadel. The north-south running rampart wall takes at this point a turn of about 30m to the west before regaining its regular north-south alignment. Excavation at this high mound, carried out by KN Diksit in 1928, exposed Pala period rampart with thick brickwork facing on either side of the core of rammed earth mixed with brickbats.

The outwork at the re-entrant angular projection shows two semicircular bastions. A sloping revetment of brick was constructed on the northern side of the bastion as a protective measure against flood and river erosion, which occurred often. On the inner side, a terrace was constructed to provide access from the interior to the outworks of the bastions. These bastions were used as watchtowers. 'Munir Ghun' may possibly be glossed as 'the corner (ghun) of a saint (muni)'. [Ayub Khan]