Muzaffaruddin, Major General

Muzaffaruddin, Major General Martial Law Administrator and Governor of East Pakistan. Following the resignation of President Ayub Khan on 25 March 1969 the Army chief of staff General aga mohammad yahya khan promulgated martial law in Pakistan and suspended the Constitution. As chief martial law administrator he divided the country into two zones (A and B) and appointed Major General Muzaffaruddin, general officer commanding (GOC) of East Pakistan, as martial law administrator of Zone B i.e East Pakistan. In addition, he was also empowered to exercise power and activities of governor in the province from 25 March 1969 to 23 August 1969. During his tenure of office as governor, his main function was to execute the orders of the President and the chief martial law administrator and disposing of daily routine work. Muzaffaruddin was later relieved of the responsibility of the governor, but remained as general officer commanding (GOC) of East Pakistan. Thereafter, he was appointed chairman of the Agricultural Development Corporation of West Pakistan. [Abu Jafar]