Naogaon Zila School

Naogaon Zila School (est. 1917) the oldest school of greater Naogaon district. It was established in 1917 out of the fund raised on the occasion of the coronation of King George V. From its inception, Naogaon Zila School was a Pathsahala (primary school). Suredranath Talaptra was the founding head master of the Coronation School. It was upgraded to 'High English School' in 1942.

In 1961, it was renamed as United High School when the madrasah section of BMC College merged with Naogaon Coronation High School (firstly Parallel High School and then Naogaon High School) directed by the then magistrate Abdur Rob Chowdhury of Naogaon. It was turned into a public school in 1985 with a new name as Naogaon Zila School.

The library of the school has very rich collections. Alongside academic classes, the students participate in various extracurricular activities, such as debate, applied science and technology, scout, Red Crescent, sports and cultural programmes. Students raise fund for poor the very poor students. The students observe national science, information, communication and Technology Week, and participate in various national competitions including TV debate competition. The students publish a magazine regularly.

Structurally the 3-storeyed school has mainly three buildings including 1 hostel for students, 1 academic building and 1 administrative block. There is a laboratory for the students of science section. Besides, there is a playground, one mosque, an auditorium, a bicycle garage for students and 20 class rooms. [Nasrin Banu]