Noakhali Zila School

Noakhali Zila School is the oldest one in the greater Noakhali district. In 1850, Mr Jones, an officer from Ireland established the school privately in the old town of Noakhali district. After three years of its operation, it was renamed as RK High School. In 1920, the school premise was washed away by the river. It was then shifted to Ghona of Mantiyar located in the east of Mahabbatpur in 1921. Again, it was washed away. The school was then shifted to RK Zubli school on 1 January 1923 and was renamed RK Zila School. In 1931, the school became once again a victim of river erosion and shifted to Bango School and relocated to present place in 1953. It was fully destroyed by striking of cyclone of 1958 and 1970 and then it was reconstructed.

At present it has 3 large buildings, 2 resident hostels for students and an auditorium, a library and main school building. There are two shifts, morning and day shift in the school. The total number of teachers including head master, assistant head master are 53 and number of students is 1500. The school stands on 8 acres of land.

The authority of the school organised morning assembly, annual sports and games, annual prize ceremony, scout, bncc and Red Crescent functions, cultural and religious programmes, study tour, national and international day observed, modern library, laboratories facilities and provides modern equipments of lesson. The school earned reputation for its success in the junior scholarship examination of class V and VIII. It is one of the top ten schools under the Comilla Education Board in terms of SSC examination result. [Md Abdul Matin]