Patiya Adarsha High School

Patiya Adarsha High School was established in 1845, first as a primary school, by' Durgacharan Dutta in the village of Bhurshi under patiya thana. It took name after the thana, Patiya. Later it was upgraded to a high school with the financial assistance of zamindar Mir Yahia. Finally it was converted to a junior English school, of which Durgacharan Dutta was the first headmaster. In 1859, it became a high English school approved by Calcutta University and the first batch of students from the school appeared at the Entrance examinations in 1867.'

The first headmaster of the Patiya High English School was Rasikchandra Chattopadhyay of Vikramapura. Suryakumar had served the headmaster of the school from 1907 to 1935, when the school earned a reputation for high standard of teaching. During nineteenth and twenty century many notable personalities of chittagong were the students of this school. They are archeologist Roy Bahadur Sharat Chandra Das, Roy Bahadur Nobin Chandra Das (a magistrate), Shekhar Sasanka Mohan Sen (a professor of calcutta university), Annadacharan Khastagir (a pioneer in the movement for women's education in Chittagong), Jatramohan Sen (a leading social reformer) and abdul karim sahityavisharad (eminent researcher of Bangla literature). Presently, the school has 1,000 students and 16 teachers. The library of the school has a collection of about 7,000 books including some very old and rare ones. It has also some old manuscripts. [Tushar Kanti Das]